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We are Moviebar. A leading full-service film production company in Central Europe.

We are an award-winning full-service film production company based in Budapest and Los Angeles founded in 2004. In addition to producing high-profile commercials, we have gradually started developing our feature film and TV division, we’re now creating our own content as well. We enjoy treating each project individually, and believe in creating quality along with our experienced and passionate team of filmmakers.

Meet our team

Esther Turan

ESTHER TURAN is a founding member of Moviebar. As a Hungarian Film Academy graduate, she has a background in directing. She recently directed and produced the first and second episode of a documentary series called “BP Underground” about youth subcultures. Her experience as a producer includes a wide range of productions from international feature films and TV series to auteur-driven no budget films or major TVCs for well-known brands.
Esther is deeply involved in the creative process of every project and She is also known for having an eye for new talent.

Viktoria Trepper

VIKTORIA TREPPER became a producer after receiving her master’s degree in Economics and working on service as well as local productions as a production manager for over a decade. Besides focusing on producing and developing large-scale international TVCs, recently she also worked as the service producer for various TV series and feature fims. As a founding member of Moviebar, her goal is to realise remarkable works of art, while ensuring that the production side runs smoothly.


Dora Nedeczky

Dora is an EAVE Producers Workshop graduate, a Sundance and Berlinale alumna with a large international network gained while participating in such highly selective professional trainings as MAIA, Sarajevo City of Film or Sources2. She's a strategist with a background in script development and film history with 9 years of experience in working with international co-productions.

Dora Nedeczky

Producer, Strategist


István Erkel

Line Producer, Production Manager,
Post Production Supervisor


Nikolett Meister

Production Coordinator,


Ágota Horváth

Head of Finance


Anna Kalmár



Boglárka Kodácsi

Production Coordinator,
Office Manager




Moviebar produced many award winning ads for world-class brands.

Let our references speak for us!


Who we

Many film professionals from all over the world are cooperating with Moviebar continuously including prominent, award winning directors and cinematographers.

Brooklyn Street
Brooklyn Street
Medieveal Exteriors
Wild Wild West
The Cloister and the Dungeon
The Mill and the Village

We made 400 TV commercials, 20 films and tv projects, 7 music videos, and there are 80 articles written about our works so far.


31 augusztus 2019

Marshall, whose films include The Descent and Dog Soldiers, also has set Leon Ockenden (Mr. Selfridge), Emma Campbell-Jones (Doctor Who), Callum Goulden (Ghost Stories), Suzanne Magowan (Samantha), Indianna Ryan (The A List), Mark Ryan (Transformers), Oliver Trevena (The Angel) and newcomer Sarah Lambie to join previously cast Bill Fellows, Emma Holzer, Rick Warden and Ian Whyte.

More: www.deadline.com

5 augusztus 2019

It’s no surprise that Esther Turan – born and raised in Budapest to a theater family – became a filmmaker. After graduating from the Hungarian Film Academy in 2004, she established Moviebar Productions, featuring an all-female crew…

source: www.laparent.com

31 augusztus 2019

Esther Turan, the founder of Moviebar Productions, an award-winning full-service global film production company, has overcome adversity in Hollywood as a young international filmmaker. Having produced 500 commercials and 30 feature film and television productions, she is embarking on a mission to build a bridge between European and American filmmakers….

More: www.forbes.com

31 augusztus 2019

Marshall, whose films include The Descent and Dog Soldiers, also has set Leon Ockenden (Mr. Selfridge), Emma Campbell-Jones (Doctor Who), Callum Goulden (Ghost Stories), Suzanne Magowan (Samantha), Indianna Ryan (The A List), Mark Ryan (Transformers), Oliver Trevena (The Angel) and newcomer Sarah Lambie to join previously cast Bill Fellows, Emma Holzer, Rick Warden and Ian Whyte.

More: www.deadline.com

5 augusztus 2019

It’s no surprise that Esther Turan – born and raised in Budapest to a theater family – became a filmmaker. After graduating from the Hungarian Film Academy in 2004, she established Moviebar Productions, featuring an all-female crew…

source: www.laparent.com

28 május 2019

Here we have an international anthology film that centres around myths, legends and folktales coming from 8 different countries around the world. In The Field Guide to Evil, each filmmaker brings on the screen one of the tales from their country, trying to explore its horror roots and psychological motif.

A Nocturnal Breath – The Field Guide to Evil

The reason why I approached the people at Legion M. (the distribution company behind this anthology) is that some of the segments in The Field Guide to Evil are directed by filmmakers I either love or am very intrigued by. In particular, I was very curious to watch the short stories by Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala (the duo behind my favourite horror film of 2014, Goodnight Mommy), Can Evrenol (Baskin and Housewife) and Katrin Gebbe (who directed the very disturbing drama Tore Tanzt).

Due to my notorious nit-picky habits and the flawed nature of horror anthologies, I went in expecting to find at least three decent segments. I would have been happy with just that!

However, I was positively shocked by the overall high quality of The Field Guide to Evil, easily one of the best anthologies I had the pleasure to witness in the past few years. The movie is set to have a limited theatrical release in the US from July 26 and is already available on VOD (from the 29th of March). Get ready!

In fact, this project had been backed up by solid studios around the world (among which Universal Studios clearly stands out), resulting in a high-quality viewing experience with mostly fantastic production values and visuals.

Continue reading and check my final grade below…


28 május 2019

We won a Gold Award – for Best OTT/VOD/Website Interactive Service spot for HBO Europe Spokesperson Spot – Batter Up (with Director of Photography Szőke DánielMoviebar ProductionsNORD DDB CPH).

Congrats to everyone involved!



28 május 2019

TrustNordisk has closed several deals on “Swoon,” the fantasy-romance pic written and directed by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein, the pair behind hit drama series “The Bridge” and “Midnight Sun” as well as “Underworld Awakening” and “Shelter” with Julianne Moore.

“Swoon” unfolds in an imaginary universe and follows the love story between Ninni and John, the young heirs of two rival families who own neighboring amusement parks.

TrustNordisk, which is hosting market screenings for the movie at the EFM, has sold it to Korea (Activers Entertainment), China (Turbo Films), Greece (Weird Wave), Russia CIS (Capella Film), Croatia and Ex-Yugoslavia (Kino Mediteran), Estonia (Estin Film) and Lithuania (Scanorama/Kino Aljausas).

The movie stars Pernilla August, Albin Grenholm, Frida Gustavsson and Robert Gustafson.

“Swoon” was produced by Kristina Aberg at Atmo Rights, whose credits include Tarik Saleh’s “The Nile Hilton Incident,” Erik Gandini’s “Videocracy” and Lisa Aschan’s “She Monkeys.” “Swoon” will be released in Scandinavia by Nordisk on Valentine’s Day. The film was backed by Nordisk Film & TV Fond and the Swedish Film Institute, among others.

TrustNordisk’s EFM slate also includes Hans Petter Moland’s “Out Stealing Horses,” which world-premiered in Berlin’s competition.


TrustNordisk Closes Deals on ‘Swoon’ (EXCLUSIVE)

5 április 2019

Esther Turan is a force to be reckoned with. She proves this time and again through her roles as a creative producer, director, and the founder of Moviebar Productions. When she’s not directing or producing, you can find her empowering and teaching other females in the industry who are inspired to become filmmakers, directors, or producers. We chatted with Esther about her experience making her directorial debut with BP Underground, the challenges that she faced starting her own film production company, and the ways she is helping to empower women in the industry.

Whole article here: https://www.clichemag.com/celebrity-news/director-and-producer-esther-turan-talks-about-her-inspiration-behind-starting-moviebar-productions-and-hollywoods-ugly-problems/


5 április 2019

“As founder and force behind Moviebar Productions, an award-winning full-service global film production company, powerhouse director and producer, Esther Turan, has her hands in virtually every aspect of moviemaking in Hollywood. She discusses her current projects and how she is also creating opportunities for women in Hollywood with TomGirl host, J.J. Jurgens.”

many thanks for TomGirl 


Video interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv-qHOXwZec

Whole article here: http://www.afterbuzztv.com/founder-of-moviebar-productions-esther-turan-on-creating-opportunities-for-women-in-hollywood-tomgirl/


18 március 2019

We are recognized as a top Video Production Company on DesignRush.


18 március 2019

It is our pleasure to announce that we just finished our latest collaboration on a worldwide Pantene campaign with Hey Baby Films LA. The commercial shoot and a photoshoot took place in the middle of Budapest in an impressive Parisian style villa.


The followings contributed to the project:


Director: Philip R. Lopez
DP: Yorick Le Saux
Photographer: Benjamin Lennox
Client: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Pantene
Agency: Townhouse / Production Unit of Grey Production
Company: Hey Baby

18 március 2019

Still high from the #highlightsofhungary #awards. It’s pretty amazing that our documentary #bpunderground ended up not only among the most creative projects of our country from 2018 but actually we got 2nd place. What the Highlights of Hungary represent is exemplary. It is also draws attention to important, good bussinesses, creative initiatives and people. Represents cooperation, which is a very good example for Hungary. Special thanks to Tibor Remete Szabina Turcsányi Varga Judit  Gaspar Bonta. Thank you everyone who ever believed in us!

18 március 2019

Check it out the Good Morning La La Land interview! This is about Esther’s career as a director and as a producer transforming the works in Los Angeles and managing the company in Budapest in the same time


7 november 2018

Swoon unfolds in an imaginary universe and follows the impossible love story between Ninni and John, the young heirs of two rivaling families who own neighboring amusement parks.

Source: variety.com

7 november 2018

Feature film Swoon will premier next year and Magnolia Agency has a super team on set. First Assistant Director James Velasquez, Costume Designer Margrét EinarsdóttirSarah Mae White as Assistant Costume Designer and Sanna Nyström as Costume Assistant.Production Designer Betsy Ångerman (Sweden), Art Director Sara Wiklund (Sweden), Prop Master Sara Sjögren (Sweden) and from Makeup Dep Therese Sandersson as Key Makeup Artist.


Source: magnoliaagency.se

5 november 2018

After “Tales from the Hood 2”, a second disappointing horror anthology made its presence felt at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival. “The Field Guide of Evil” made its Canadian premiere and unfortunately won’t be a classic to remember.

Source: horror-movies.ca

Read the full article on horror-movie.ca!

5 november 2018

Anthology horror films are risky endeavours. Sure, on paper they always sound great – what’s not to love about getting a host of genre titans together and letting them do whatever the fuck they want? – but in execution, they almost always turn out to be mixed bags. Some sections work, some don’t, and the wraparound theme for the shorts has a tendency to feel tired and ham-fisted.

Source: thebrag.com

5 november 2018

Among my most anticipated films at the SXSW Conference was The Field Guide to Evil. The film festival section of SXSW tends to boast stellar horror in their Midnighters slate.

Read full article on riotmaterial.com

5 november 2018

Horror anthologies that try to do something different within the genre are a rare breed. While there are certainly some that stand out above the rest, it’s a short list indeed. That’s why The Field Guide to Evil may be something of serious interest to those who love getting horror in short bursts but still want a full cinematic experience.


Read the full article on dreadcentral.com!

31 október 2018

Koltay Anna és Turán Eszter körülbelül három évvel ezelőtt egy koncert kellős közepén kezdett el ötletelni egy zenei szubkultúrákból álló sorozatról. Mindkettőjük fejében ott motoszkált régóta egy álom formájában, de a megvalósítás még váratott magára, egészen a szerencsés találkozásig. Végül megszületett a BP Underground, azóta pedig túl vannak két sikeres részen.

Read the full article on absolutbudapest.blog.hu

31 október 2018

Dokumentumfilmmel tisztelegnek a hip-hop előtt. Szó esik a kezdetről, a műfaj virágzásáról és arról is, hogy hol tart most. Itt a BP Underground dokumentumfilm-sorozat második része.

A teljes cikket elolvashatjátok a nowmagazin.hu-n.

31 október 2018

A budapesti underground szubkultúrákat bemutató BP Underground dokumentumfilm-sorozat új részének témája a hiphop, a breaktánctól a YouTube-korszakig, az Animal Cannibalstől a Punnany Massifig.

Read the full article on 24.hu

5 szeptember 2018

Hungary, which has hosted numerous Hollywood blockbuster shoots and ranks as Europe’s second most popular filming destination after Britain, has raised its production incentive from 25% to 30%. Hollywood movies filming in the country include the sixth installment of the “Terminator” franchise, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Will Smith’s thriller “Gemini Man,” directed by Ang Lee.  source: Variety

12 március 2018

This is a golden age for the horror anthology, and perhaps no single entity has been more responsible for the recent explosion more than the producing team of Ant Timpson and Tim League.

source: screenanarchy.com

8 február 2018

Peter Strickland’s short “Cobblers’ Lot”; produced by Moviebar and Rook Films premiered at SXSW as the segment of the anthology film “A Field Guide to Evil”.

source (Hungarian): index.hu

29 november 2017

Foundations FilmJUS and NKA support our documentary series about youth subcultures in Budapest in the 90s and 2000s.

source (Hungarian): NKA

8 szeptember 2017

Swedish feature film Swoon by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein is entering into production in Budapest.

source: screendaily.com

5 szeptember 2017

Our experimental short film project by director Attila Damokos and DOP Marcell Nagy received production support from the National Media and Infocommunications Authority of Hungary.

source (Hungarian): mtva.hu

26 július 2017

Interview with the creators of Budapest Underground.

source (Hungarian): vimeo.com

5 július 2017

It’s always risky when a music documentary shows not just a band, but a whole era …

source (Hungarian): index.hu

10 május 2017

It’s a wrap of Peter Strickland’s UK-Hungary co-production segment of the anthology film “A Field Guide to Evil”.

source: indiewire.com

5 november 2016

The band Ivan & The Parazol and Esther Turan producer talks about the video F.É.S.Z.E.K.

source (Hungarian): M2

14 október 2016

An interview with producer Esther Turan, made by Kreativ Magazine.

source (Hungarian): kreativ.hu

26 július 2016

Moviebar’s music video for Mïus’s track Strobe and Noise.

source (Hungarian): index.hu

26 július 2016

The Hungarian-Spanish director collective, Kinopravda, won gold in video art category, at the Young Director Award (YDA) in Cannes.

source (Hungarian): kreativ.hu

22 július 2016

In the DDB-developed campaign, the Olympics take the main role.

source (Hungarian): kreativ.hu

13 július 2016

Interview with Anna Koltay and Esther Turan – the directors of the BP Underground documentary.

source (Hungarian): rockstation.blog.hu

8 július 2016

This special project – which debuted in the Toldi Cinema on July 6th – is brought under the cover by the band Ivan & The Parazol and Esther Turan from Moviebar Productions.

source (Hungarian): origo.hu

7 július 2016

The first Hungarian material of Ivan & The Parazol, a three-digit EP has came out with the title: “Painters, architects, scribes, musicians and other comedians”

source (Hungarian): index.hu

14 június 2016

Writer/Director Balazs Juszt’s exciting thriller The Man Who Was Thursday has been selected for the Edinburgh Film Festival and will receive its World Premiere in June.

source: broadwayworld.com

25 május 2016

Telekom launched a whole-summer sports campaign, combining state-of-the-art technology, innovation and human feelings to bridge the gap between athletes and fans.

source (Hungarian): kreativ.hu

5 május 2016

This time, three commercials were made for City Gross, in which they wrote a new version of Grimm stories – Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, and the Red Riding Hood got a new finish. The campaign photos were made by Krisztina Éder.

source (Hungarian): kreativ.hu

5 január 2016

A top-of-the-line list of upscale bands is featured with the music video made for 5FORLOVE – Rights for Love campaign – by Esther Turan and Miki357.

source (Hungarian): divany.hu

21 szeptember 2015

On Thursday and Friday, the first Hungarian music video contest, the Hungarian Klipszemle was held in Toldi. The call came with 872 entries, of which the best 165 were chosen and a marathon two-day screening was held in the cinema.

source (Hungarian): kreativ.hu

14 szeptember 2015

The Zenebutik series came out with its third episode, which invites professionals to offer music to their readers for weekly work. This week, Esther Turan offers inspirational music for work.

source (Hungarian): kreativ.hu

1 szeptember 2015

The Swedish director organization Traktor – who won two Grand Prix prizes in Cannes – was filming for the second time with Moviebar Productions in Budapest.

source (Hungarian): kreativ.hu

10 augusztus 2015

We talked with Producer Esther Turan about Márk Lakatos’s new, mass-casting video.

source (Hungarian): glamour.hu

27 május 2015

Well made the latest campaign movie of Univer Ketchup, which has been running on television since Monday.

source (Hungarian): kreativ.hu

5 március 2015

Tesco’s advertising agency – Well – has launched a campaign about the company’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee service . We’ll show you the creatives and werks.

source (Hungarian): kreativ.hu

9 május 2013

Picturesque Films has started production on writer-director Balazs Juszt’s debut film, which will shoot in Budapest and Rome.

source: hollywoodreporter.com