Guest on the 7th Drops:Podcast is Esther Turan, the founder and producer of Moviebar

The hosts, Simon Szabó and Péter Juhász discovered many interesting details about Esther’s life journey. While there were some things they already knew, such as the real value of the accumulated network she built in the Budapest nightlife.

However, there were things they didn’t know about her, such as her early attempts at spreading her wings, the Turán Theorem, a summer vacation in Buda, why she didn’t become an actress, networking in the Romkert, her thoughts on the old SZFE, the impact of a well-chosen elementary school on her career, her professional relationship with Hoyte van Hoytema, how to climb through a window if you get thrown out the door, her thoughts on the gap between American and Hungarian film production, pre and post-covid LA, the fierce Hollywood agent system, and whether anyone in Beverly Hills envies being Hungarian.