Pulzaar is now available to watch on Filmio

Miki357’s first artistic short film is an absurd musical comedy, bringing together exciting performers such as Beton.Hofi, Simon Szabó, Lilla Kizlinger, Bori Péterfy, Lajos Kovács and Dávid Miller. The protagonist of Pulzaar is Csótány (Adam Schwarcz, stage name Beton.Hofi), a thirty-something rocker who works as an assistant locksmith in Kőbánya. He lives with his godmother (Péterfy Bori), who took him into her Budapest apartment, but he can no longer contribute to the rent. His two greatest passions in life are: his favorite Norwegian metal band, Pulzaar, and his secret love, Évike (Kizlinger Lilla) from the bakery on the ground floor. When he sees the poster that his beloved band is coming to Budapest, he is struck by lightning, which triggers a whole chain of events. Will he finally make it to the concert, and muster up all his courage to invite Évike too? Watch the full short film on Filmio now!